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 Post subject: Salvia Divinorum
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Salvia is another drug, one of the worst (as in not good, not as in "ooh dangerous wah wah") drugs if you ask me. It's trip lasts approximately 20 minutes so I got the idea to make an EP called "Salvia Divinorum" with only one track called "The Diviner's Sage" (which is what the name means, I believe) that would be about 20 minutes long. It was supposed to be a noise track with some death metal in it because slam death is the best music for Salvia. But the metal stuff turned out as complete crap.

I'll up it when I transfer it but I might decide to cut out the weak stuff and just end up with 5 or 6 minutes of TV white noise. After Subversive Voice went so well I was feeling pretty invincible, I figured it must be easy to be amazing. Turns out that is not true and creating music is as hard as it has ever been. But instead of trying to just reiterate all the same techniques on Sub, I want to try and do new things, so I've been looking around at all the noise that inhabits my daily life. So that's where the TV white noise came from, I figured it could be used for some good segments. It came out really really soft, actually. So if nothing else, Salvia yeilded one mildly interesting segment.

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