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The Beatles, God
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Author:  Kashi [ 090327 05:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Beatles, God

zharth wrote:
Kashi wrote:
I think Zep's post would have been amazing had he stopped (just once) bashing religions. The post really didn't need it.

In all fairness, wasn't that actually the point of the post? I was comparing The Beatles to God. It's even in the title.

I kind of took it as a notation of frustration. That is, let's say you didn't believe me that the sky was blue, and I take you outside and point and say "Look! The sky IS blue, I told you so, GOD!" Ya know? Plus you wrote a great post and only really slipped in God at the end. >.>

Edit: I still maintain that I hate the past. :lol:

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