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 Post subject: Gundam Wing
PostPosted: 090227 00:16 
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Okay, here's how it goes. People started talking about DBZ on a board I go to. I start to watch some stuff on youtube and it's good but very slow-paced, I figure I can have more fun just coming up with my own stories using my little inches-big DBZ figures. So I go lookig and looking and can't fid the figures, all I can find is my Gundam Wing figures. One thing leads to another and I rewatch what I have of Gundam Wing.

Gundam Wing is credited for single-handedly popularizing Gundam with US audiences. I still very much remember seeing it for the first time on Toonami. Being so formative, Gundam Wing gets a lot of backlash. But I think it's wrong to attack things you used to love, because not only did they bring you much joy, but you're also only attacking your former self and showing short-sightedness. When people mercilessly attack the shows and bands they used to like, I feel like they can't look themselves in the eye. The can't accept the truths of their past. But I think our past loves can show us deep things about ourselves. Your ideas may have changed, but you're likely exhibiting the same patterns. Anyway, Gundam Wing is one fucking hell of a show, and no matter what anyone has to say, I doubt any other Gundam series could ever compare, not for me.

I really like how straight-forward this show is. It's reassuring, comforting. It almost makes me feel valid. For example Heero Yuy is the badass. That's what he is, that's what he'll always be. He can pop his arm back into place, regain conciousness while deliberately forcing his brainwaves to remain unchanged so that he would not be detected, and at the series climax when everybody is trying to break into Libra, Heero is fucking HANGING OUT on Libra (the enemies base!) chatting with Relena, just shooting the shit. He's all like "I don't give a fuck, when the battle reaches the turning point, I will destroy Libra from the inside, bitch." He's also deeper than the others, focused. Sometimes he feels the need to stare intensely off into space in apparent agony, no doubt recalling horrible facts about his existence or horrible memories -- something I can very much relate to. Heero & Relena have this great conversation on Libra about which one of them is a more important figure. I also like the fact that his name is Heero Yuy, which is apparently the name of the man who started the colonies or something. So in our world that would be like if a new revolutionary leader was named Che Guevera, or if my name was Neil Young. Having the legendary name legitamizes the individual, but it also works both ways since Heero is really worthy of high praise in his own right.

I also really liked Relena this time around. I have no recollection of my feelings for her back in the day, but I feel like I would have found her plain compared to your Ayanami Reis and so forth. But I liked her a lot this time around. She kind of reminds me of Ali. And she's so fucking powerful, considering that she ruled the planet Earth.

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 Post subject: Re: Gundam Wing
PostPosted: 090227 02:54 
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I think it's important to accept what you liked in your past, but some things I'm just not gonna stand up for. I mean, I watched Barney when I was a wee one, and I imagine I enjoyed it at the time, and I suppose it must have *some* merits, but you're just not gonna ever hear me saying "woo, yeah, Barney!" Some things have a special quality that you latched onto, and other things were just there. To compare, I have these really vague memories of Rainbow Brite, and in contrast to Barney, I actually recall Rainbow Brite as being this really awesome thing for some reason. Anyway, that has nothing to do with Gundam Wing.

I thought Gundam Wing was great. I've been wanting to watch the original Gundam series(es) for a long time, but they are long and kinda hard to find (subbed). And of course there's other new Gundam series, of varying levels of quality and appreciation, but Gundam Wing is also my formal introduction to the Gundamverse (although I had seen the three movies that summarize the first original series previously). And it's a great series. With great characters. And of course, great mecha, although that's never been the main selling point for me, personally (I can enjoy mecha series, but I generally don't watch them for the mecha - even so, GW has some great designs).

It was a big deal when they aired the "uncensored" versions of the episodes later in the night. I couldn't stay up late enough because of school, but I taped them and watched them the next day when the "censored" versions played - so I was a day behind, but it was worth it. It's funny now to think that they had to censor Gundam Wing. I mean come on, it's not that bad? Granted, I suppose they were aiming for a younger audience, but geez. So Heero delivers the classic line to his classmate, "I will kill you", with a deadpan expression, so what? "That's imitatable!!"

I remember Relena getting a lot of flak for some reason; a lot of people didn't like her. I never had a problem with her, though. In fact, she's even on one of the posters still in my room. Though Milliardo Peacecraft is also on that poster. Relena didn't quite stand out enough for me to idolize her like I did certain other characters (in other series), but I don't recall her ever getting on my nerves. I just remembered the scene in Antarctica (?) where Heero fights Zechs, and Noin drops the bomb (figuratively speaking). That was a great series.

I see what you did there.

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 Post subject: Re: Gundam Wing
PostPosted: 090227 10:22 
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Interactive Blogger
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Gundam Wing never really struck me as being that bad or that good; I'm not sure whether or not that's because I missed out on seeing it "back in the day", instead opting to download and watch it in college. I never really got that INTO anime until college, for that matter. Before college, I'd seen some Voltron as a little kid (not knowing that it was anime), bits and pieces of Dragonball Z, and then all of Rurouni Kenshin in fuzzy, small .rm format because a friend pushed it on me.

DBZ was an interesting experience if only because the community itself was so polarizing; the DBZ community was absolutely vehement when it came to issues like subtitling and censorship. And pretty much anything else, reasonable or not. I kind of think that the reason I hated DBZ for a while was because of the community rather than the anime.

The Gundamverse is interesting, though -- the three (four) longer series that I've seen all have the same basic concept.

War happens.
Tragedy happens to the main character.
Main character fights for peace.
Team helps main character fight for peace.
Masked guy comes along to fight main character.
Girl shows up.

That pretty much describes Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, and Gundam 00. Incidentally, I really do like Gundam 00. And despite pretty much knowing what's going to happen (star-crossed lovers, tragic deaths, something terrible happening to make someone fight against someone they care for), it's still entertaining to watch... and I still find myself gripped by the "drama".

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