Synopsis: A 9-level custom-designed episode for Doom II, featuring environments inspired by the cult classic PC game Realms of the Haunting, and a story based on the universe of Berserk (manga/anime series). You play as Guts, refusing to become the hunted, as he tracks down another powerful human-turned-demon apostle who terrorizes a remote mountain village. Enter the demon's lair, clean it out, and snatch the deadly behelit, but don't let them overcome you or The Feast will be on!

[Now in production]

Progress (as of 6/10/07): The Garden and Mausoleum levels are mostly completed and ready for testing. Immortal Soldier is currently in development.

  1. Ravine
  2. Garden [download | screenshots]
  3. Mausoleum [download | screenshots]
  4. Catacombs
  5. Furnace
  6. Living Chasm
  7. Tower
  8. Eclipse
  9. Feast

Bonus Level: Immortal Soldier



To be honest, I don't recall when exactly or how I got the idea to do this project, but I assume it gradually came into form through my years of toying with Doom level editors. I created an early version of the Mausoleum level, and a Cavern level which sort of combined ideas that I have since relegated to the Ravine, Catacombs, and Immortal Soldier levels, as well as a very rudimentary Garden level. I also distinctly remember creating a small version of the Living Chasm level, but seem to have lost the file. In Spring 2007, I revisited my idea and with the help of the powerful and easy to use Doom Builder, I took another stab at my grand vision for Doom: Realms of the Berserk. Whether it will see ultimate completion remains to be seen, but in the meantime, this page will document its progress and provide the levels for download as they become available, so that interested parties can assist in the production process by testing the levels and providing feedback so that I may fix bugs and improve design/gameplay where possible.


Place: Earth
Time: Dark Ages


A few years ago, you were a commander of the strongest army on Earth. But then your captain betrayed you, and sold his soul for the power of a God. Like your fellow troops, you were branded for sacrifice to a host of hungry demons. By infinite luck and hardened battle instinct, you alone survived with your soul and your wits intact. Ever since then, demons have been following you around. Somewhere along the way, they got the silly idea that your soul belongs to them. You can't have them thinking that, now can you?

Now the Earth is in a state of darkness, with demons terrorizing people the world over. Small, egg-like objects, called behelits, exist which transform people into disgusting and hideous forms. Your captain used a crimson one to obtain godlike powers. Until you find him and get revenge, you'll settle for ripping lesser demons apart. You make a point to collect all behelits you find, and kill all demons regardless, no matter how big or strong.


(Ravine Level) Your wanderings have led you to a mountain village. Complaints about demon raids on the village catch your attention. Most demons aren't that organized. There must be a human transformed by a behelit involved. Asking around, an old man tells you that the demons always come from the direction of the old cemetary, in the valley beyond the ravine. Your path is decided.

(Garden Level) Following a mountain stream down into a valley, a garden comes into view ahead of you. Could this be the demons' headquarters? It looks peaceful. Too peaceful. Now might be a good time to find some more weapons to fight off the demons with. Suddenly, a searing pain drills through the side of your neck. Your hand instinctively snaps back to cover it. As you pull your hand away and notice the blood on it, your mind becomes clouded with anger. The Brand! This can mean only one thing. They are coming...

(Mausoleum Level) Having paid your respects to the undead, you enter the mausoleum, passing the mark of the beast at the entrance. There's no doubt, this is the demons' lair. Better get to the bottom of this.

(Catacombs Level) You did a good job cleaning out the mausoleum, but you haven't reached the heart of the beasts' lair yet. Gripping your demonslayer tight, you descend into the catacombs. Great, another labyrinth...

(Furnace Level) Those demons better leave the candles lit, because it's time to draw a bloodbath of your own!

(Living Chasm Level) You figure if the furnace was where the demons tortured their human victims, then this underground chasm must be where they live. But something is strange. The walls seem almost alive. Ah, well. You hope the demons remembered to make their beds this morning, because it's time to put them to rest.

(Tower Level) You triumphed over the hellish apostle and his demonic spider-horde, and recovered the evil behelit. Hoping for some rest after a job damn well done, you step onto the mantel stone. But this time, the magical portal teleports you to the Tower itself, the gate between Realms. It looks rundown. You peer over the side of the platform you're standing on. You can't tell if there's a bottom. Guess you better find another Tower gate and hope it takes you back to Earth. And you better hurry, or the lost souls of the Ire will consume you. God forbid you should meet The Dodger.

(Eclipse Level) Time's up. You rush forward, hoping for a chance at the God Hand. Hoping for a chance at slaying the one that betrayed you. The Hawk of Darkness. Nothing can stop you now.

(Feast Level) Even the Devil would pity your luck. Seems you're the main course in yet another demonic sacrificial feast. Hell, you escaped last time, and you're damn sure not gonna die before getting your revenge. The odds are stacked against you, and chances are good that you'll die before getting to rest in peace. But how is that different from any other battle? You grab your demonslayer and wipe the grin from your face. Chow time!


(note: this level is separate from the rest of the levels, and takes place years before those events)

"In this world, there are certain things that exist beyond human knowledge. Humans worship such things as gods, or fear them as devils..."

The Band of the Hawk is proving itself an asset to the Midland forces. They have been sent on a mission to infiltrate an enemy fortress at the border. The first wave managed to break through the fortress's defenses, but were stopped dead at the fortress itself. Reports coming back claim that your men are being held back by a single soldier. Whispered rumours reach your ears.

Nosferatu Zodd. The Immortal Soldier. Worshipped by warriors as the God of War. A beast with an insatiable appetite for violence. Stories that trace back over a hundred years. Claims of his death followed by his reappearance on later battlefields.

Nonsense! There's no way a single soldier can hold back the Band of the Hawk! You decide to head in alone, ahead of the Captain, not risking the life of even one more soldier. If anyone can take this warrior down, it's you. But is it really Nosferatu Zodd, the Immortal Soldier? You start to wonder how an immortal soldier might be killed as you head towards the fortress, resolved to bring back victory for the raiders...